We Are Sikhs is on a mission to educate our fellow citizens about the peaceful, progressive, and tolerant community of over half a million Sikhs who live in the United States.

This effort is led by everyday Sikh Americans who care deeply about our country and still believe in the American Dream. For us, this means raising our families, earning a living, and enjoying life among friends and neighbors of diverse social and religious backgrounds.

Unfortunately, the Sikh American community has experienced acts of violence, hate, and discrimination in recent years as some of our fellow countrymen view us and the sacred symbols we wear with fear.

But we haven’t lost hope. We believe that the antidote to intolerance is education.

Through a 2015 study, we learned that the vast majority of Americans cannot accurately identify a Sikh. In order to help others better understand who we are and what we believe in, we launched We Are Sikhs, a grassroots effort to take back our narrative and tell our own story.

We know that the Sikh values of freedom, equality, and justice for all are the values upon which America was founded, and the values that will ultimately prevail.

We hope you will join us by sharing what you’ve learned here with friends and family. If you are a Sikh wanting to add your voice to this initiative, please visit

We Are Sikhs would like to pay a special tribute to the Oak Creek, Wisconsin Sikh community. In August 2012, a man fatally shot six Sikhs and injured several others inside a Sikh place of worship or a Gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. This tragedy directly inspired this website and the We Are Sikhs project. We would also like to thank 'Neverending Light Production' and the Kaleka family for creating and sharing the 'We Are Sikhs' brand. 

The video below is a poem from the Oak Creek, Wisconsin Gurdwara and was produced by Neverending Light Production. 

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