by We Are Sikhs — December 19, 2016

Postmaster Arvin

I am an immigrant. I got married and came over to America in 1998 since my husband was already a citizen here.

The American dream means to me having a nice paying job, a house, and a family – something I’m blessed to have already, but it takes a lot of hard work to keep it all together.


We came here because there were more opportunities here. I had done my studies back in India and have a bachelor’s degree in science and I have a post-graduate degree too, but there was nothing for me to there.  

Coming here, I ended up working for the post office because I had five or six people in my family working there. Since it is a government job, it was good opportunity and had many benefits in the long-term.

Henna Hand and Mail

I am a good public speaker and eventually moved from being a mail carrier to management, and now serve as postmaster of our local office. I supervise all postal office branches in Fresno, CA.

The Sikh religion teaches hard work and humility – qualities that many of co-workers appreciate and my subordinates respect. Having a management position as an immigrant can be challenging, but being transparent and honest can help anyone overcome interpersonal obstacles.


Sikhism is very modern – especially when it comes to women. My religion has given me equal opportunities with men when very few religions in the world can say that. It is perfectly fine for me to recite hymns during a Sikh service and gender equality is represented throughout our religion.

This is what I love most about America too. Any person that belongs to any race, religion, creed or color has the right to equality.  You don’t have that in very many countries.

Americans should know more about Sikhism. Americans are very good learners. If we show them or tell them, they learn – it’s as simple as that.

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