by We Are Sikhs — October 12, 2017

In 2015, Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department became the first Texan approved to wear his turban while on duty. He’s been serving his local community as a police officer for nearly 10 years – but after Hurricane Harvey hit, Sandeep began giving back in ways he never imagined.  

Between long shifts with the sheriff’s department, Sandeep began volunteering for United Sikhs to help his Houston neighbors get back on their feet. Donations from the Sikh community began pouring in from across the nation, which allowed Sandeep to purchase materials for homes throughout the area.

 “I’m just a police officer. It got so big, I didn’t know what to do.”

The Sikh community responded in such force, that Sandeep began using vacation time to allocate his resources and coordinate relief efforts not just in Texas, but Florida and Puerto Rico as well.

“God is great. I’m so proud of the Sikh community. They have such big hearts that it makes me emotional just thinking about it.”

Community service is one of Sikhism's core pillars. As Sikhs, we have a fundamental responsibility to pick up our neighbors in times of need by lending a helping hand. Sandeep’s selfless acts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey are a perfect example of our values, and we are proud of the work he is doing.

“There should be no doubt what Sikhs can do for the country they are loyal to.”

Sandeep is not currently affiliated with an official organization, but if you would like to contribute to his efforts please consider donating to United Sikhs.


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