by We Are Sikhs — June 29, 2017

We Are Sikhs is an important initiative to ensure that more people can immediately recognize and understand who Sikh Americans are, what our faith is all about and how it shapes our significant contributions to communities in Fresno and around the country.  

Our goal is to educate our neighbors – that’s why we’ve started airing our TV commercials all around the Fresno area. We want everybody to enjoy our ads and learn more about us, so here are three easy ways to watch:

Popular Shows 

Our ads air every day during some of your favorite shows, including: 

  • Jimmy Kimmel

  • Good Morning America

  • NBC Nightly News

  • Jeopardy

  • Wheel of Fortune

  • Dr. Oz

And many more!

Fresno Networks

We Are Sikhs is on major networks across the San Joaquin Valley! Watch any of the below channels to see our ads throughout the day:



Don’t live in the Fresno area? Watch our ads below and help us spread the word by sharing them on Facebook and Twitter




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commented 2017-08-15 22:06:23 -0400
As a Catholic Christian, I am interested in learning about other religious faiths. Now I have a much better understanding of Sikhs thanks to this website. As a Pharmacist, most of my contact was with Physicians in hospitals in which I worked and as a patient of Drs who were Sikhs. Blessings to all of you!

Learn More About Sikhs And Our Contribution To America