by We Are Sikhs — April 18, 2017

We Are Sikhs Statement on Hate Crime Against NYC Sikh Taxi Driver   

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
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Washington, D.C. – "This past Sunday in New York City, just hours after thousands of New Yorkers gathered in Time Square to learn about Sikhs and our core values of tolerance and equality, Harkirat Singh was the victim of a hate crime while driving customers in his cab. The 25-year-old Punjabi immigrant had his turban violently ripped off and was assaulted. This act of cruelty is sadly just the latest example of violence, bullying and abuse against Sikh Americans. We launched We are Sikhs last week so that more Americans could hear about their Sikhs neighbors, what we stand for and the contributions we make to our communities. We wear our turbans to signal our commitment to equality, justice, and service for all people. The fact that Harkirat Singh had his turban ripped off his head should be a peaceful call to action for our community and the many supporters of our campaign — Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike."

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