by We Are Sikhs — December 19, 2016

Meet Preeti and Ruby

What is your experience being a first generation Sikh?

Preeti: I feel like there is a misunderstanding that we are not as knowledgeable about our culture or religion. For me, it's the opposite of that. Being away from India has never stopped me from keeping a connection with our beautiful culture and religion here in America.

Ruby: It is great! A little confusing at times, but knowing a lot of the key points that are emphasized makes it a great thing. I feel like a lot of the youth and first generation Sikhs lack the proper education on the beliefs. Gender and race equality isn’t emphasized enough in our daily lives and that is a key point of humanity and Sikhism. I love how Sikhism discusses we are all fruits from the same tree, live without fear “Nirbhau” and without hate “Nirvair.” I strongly live by these teachings.


Do people know what you believe? 

Preeti: Not usually, but I am always glad when my friends ask me questions about Sikhism. They often times get confused by the differences in being a Muslim or Sikh, especially because of the turban. But I love getting those kinds of questions! I get to tell them the difference and more knowledge about who we are. It feels good. 

Ruby: Most people don’t unfortunately. However, when I share a little about the religion with people, they love hearing about it because it is so spiritual, peaceful and positive.


How does Sikhism play a role in your life?

Ruby: I am very happy with how our religion treats all genders, religions, and races equally. I absolutely love that and I believe in equality amongst all people. 

Preeti: Agreed. 


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