Gurus grow the movement

gangad1.jpgBefore his death, Guru Nanak appointed one of his faithful followers as successor in the care and leadership of the growing spiritual community. He named him Guru Angad, the “limb” of Guru Nanak. Guru Angad humbly approached this responsibility, leading a pious, hardworking life as a spiritual leader, guiding the community in hymns and prayers each day, opening schools for the children, and writing stanzas to record Sikh beliefs. Over the next 200 years, Sikh community leadership and spiritual guidance passed from Guru to Guru, the movement strengthening in the midst of local political and military turmoil. Each Guru contributed valuable insights and lessons to Sikh followers, some gave their lives in martyrdom, and many recorded their guidance in poetic passages eventually compiled into the first holy text of Sikh scripture, the Adi Granth. Meet the Gurus.



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