by We Are Sikhs — July 11, 2017

We’re so grateful for the positive response our campaign has received so far!  

We are so touched by the overwhelming support we’ve seen since launching our first local campaign in Fresno, California last month!

From college campuses to local officials to Members of Congress, We Are Sikhs Fresno has received a wide range of support from community leaders! Check out some of our favorite quotes below:

Andy Vidak - California State Senator

“Remember that Sikhs are just like you and me. They worry about paying for their children’s college; they sometimes wear mismatched socks, and despite what may appear to be superficial differences, their values are just as American as baseball and apple pie.”

Read his full op-ed in The Fresno Bee 

Ashley Swearengin - CEO of Central Valley Community Foundation and former Mayor of Fresno 

“I love the #WeAreSikhs campaign. Thank you, Sikh community, for re-introducing yourselves to your CV neighbors.”

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Jim Costa - U.S. Representative serving California’s 16th Congressional District

David Valadao - U.S. Representative serving California’s 21st Congressional District 

“I am proud to represent the Central Valley, which is home to more than 25,000 Sikhs. An integral part of our community, Sikhs have been making contributions to our society for more than a century. As the co-chair of the American Sikh Congressional Caucus, I enthusiastically support We Are Sikhs Fresno, a local initiative to help inform Central Valley residents about the Sikh community. I encourage all Central Valley residents to get to know their Sikh American neighbors, and appreciate the National Sikh Campaign’s efforts in our area.”

Lee Brand - Mayor of Fresno 

“You look at doctors, lawyers, successful business people, farmers – every aspect of life, particularly in small business, the Sikh people embody the American dream!” 

Scott Robertson - Mayor of Selma

“There is a real misunderstanding out there. There is a study that says 60% of Americans admit to knowing nothing at all about their Sikh neighbors. This lack of knowledge is holding back our local communities and we must work to change it through something like We Are Sikhs. I just think that We are Sikhs is a great idea to promote awareness of this humble and hardworking people who don’t promote themselves, but should be promoted and I wholly embrace the We Are Sikhs campaign.” 

Xavier Becerra - California Attorney General

"Thousands of Sikhs call California home. We must always welcome people of diverse backgrounds and religions."

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Esmerelda Soria - Fresno Councilmember

“We know that education and awareness can really cure intolerance – and that’s what we want. We want to be able to live in a community and recognize that our immigrants here in Fresno are an asset.” 

College Republicans at UC Merced

We’ve also seen incredible coverage of our campaign across local and national news outlets! A few of our favorite updates are below: 

Valley Voices: ‘On a Sunday, take your family to a Gurdwara, I have’
State Senator Andy Vidak
The Fresno Bee

“...remember that Sikhs are just like you and me. They worry about paying for their children’s college; they sometimes wear mismatched socks, and despite what may appear to be superficial differences, their values are just as American as baseball and apple pie.”

Read more here.

10 Things To Know About Sikhs
Bill McEwan
The Fresno Bee

“I have two reactions to the “We are Sikhs” television ads.

How sad it is that Sikhs, who have been in the United States since the 19th century, still have to tell their story. And how smart it is for Sikh leaders to mount this extensive effort to get the word out about their values and positive contributions to communities across our land. The hope is that the campaign will reduce discrimination, bullying and hate crimes against Sikhs.”

Read more here.

Sikh Community Saves Town’s Independence Day Fireworks Display
NBC News
Alex Seitz-Wald

“When the mayor of Visalia, in California's agricultural Central Valley, mentioned to a local Sikh businessman that the city of 120,000 might have to forgo a July Fourth fireworks display because of financial concerns, the religious community jumped.

The Sikhs chipped in $10,000 for the festivities, which will also benefit a children's charity.

“Visalia considers this to be very generous and helpful. We appreciate their show of patriotic support, as one of our newer groups of American citizens,” Visalia Mayor Warren Gubler told NBC News.”

Read more here.

Sikh Values Are American Values
Visalia Times-Delta
Danielle Martin

“We Are Sikhs Fresno, is a local nonprofit part of a national movement to bring awareness of the Sikh population in America and in the neighborhoods we call home. 

The organization strives to educate people about the Sikh culture with commercials, outreach opportunities and community events, such as the CASA Fireworks Extravaganza in Visalia. 

‘As Sikh Americans, we’re committed to serving our communities, and we are proud to help revitalize the Visalia 4th of July Extravaganza, and look forward to enjoying the great American baseball tradition alongside our friends and neighbors at the Fresno Grizzlies game,’ Pal said.” 

Read more here.




Sikh values go hand-in-hand with American values – service, freedom, duty and equality for all. We love sharing these values with our neighbors in Fresno and are humbled by the incredible outpouring of support We Are Sikhs has received.

There is more to come, so please stay involved in the conversation by following us on Facebook and Twitter!




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