by We Are Sikhs — December 17, 2016

Meet Dr. Chann Harcharn

Sikhs_1.68.1.pngI came to this country in 1975 to do my post-graduate degree. It was enticing to come to America because they offered good scholarships and if you are a resident doctor you can make enough money to live and save some too. Eventually, I stuck around and specialized in cardiology at the University of Connecticut and ended up staying on as faculty there after graduating. I soon became chief cardiologist at the local Veterans Affairs hospital before moving to California.

My two boys were born here and now they go to school. The choice to stay in America was an easy one and there is nothing like individual freedom. The freedom to do what you want, the freedom to eat what you want, the freedom to go wherever you want to go. There is no perfect world but this is close.

"Meet the Sikhs" is a compilation of stories and interviews from the lives of today's Sikh Americans. 

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