by We Are Sikhs — December 17, 2016

Meet Jasdeep Singh

I was 15 when I came from India. My dad came in 1981 and went through the process of becoming a citizen and then the rest of the family came over in 1992. I went to high school here then Fresno State for my bachelors in Computer Science. I then got my master’s degree in business. 


What makes America great is that my story is not an unreasonable one. It was hard to a certain degree but not impossible. You are in a new country, different language, different culture you have to learn but you have help. 


When you look at Sikh faith, the basic fundaments of the Sikh faith are just like the American Constitution. Equality, justice, and the belief in one God – it’s very similar. 

I think we are all learning from each other right now. You know, when Bruce Lee started teaching martial arts, people were against it. They didn’t want their art to be shared. But look at now, we watch Chinese movies, we watch all kinds of different movies we read different books — so as we learn from each other, I think we are becoming a better society. Fifteen years ago, did we know what was going on in Europe and other countries? No. Now we know what is happening every minute what is happening there and in other countries: what their economy is doing, what the stock market is doing what wars are happening. So we are becoming smaller and we are coming together as a human race. 

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