by We Are Sikhs — December 19, 2016

Meet Prabhjot

What is your favorite thing about being a Sikh?

Going to Gurdwara, our temple, and doing Seva, which is selfless service. It will vary from doing the dishes or passing out food. It’s something we do together and I enjoy helping out.

Is being a Sikh something you chose, or something you learned from your family? 

It was both. I started wearing a turban about two years ago, and my brother does too. I really appreciated what it represented especially as I learned more about its history and meaning.

 Prabhjot Tying Turban

How do people respond to you wearing a turban?

They often don’t know what it is and that’s where I come in and explain it to them. It is our job to give them information of who we are, so if they go somewhere else and meet someone who has a turban, they won’t be nervous to ask them about it.

How do the values of Sikhism affect the way you treat other people?

Sikhism shows me that you got to care for everybody and respect everybody. There will be this one point in time where you will be mad at them, but still find the good in them and be happy with them and say “oh well,” and forgive them.

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