by We Are Sikhs — September 11, 2017

This week marks 16 years since the September 11 attacks – an event that changed our nation, and the perception of our Sikh community, forever. 

Following the attacks, our nation grieved, and out of fear our Sikh Community became a target for violence and misunderstanding.

But like our fellow Americans, we pushed forward. Our nation is now stronger than ever, but there is still work to be done. When we come together and celebrate the things that make us different, we persevere. Every day we work to share our values of equality, love, and freedom for all. We care for our neighbors and strive to improve our communities.

We are proud of how far our nation has come, and proud to be part of the work to continue building a better tomorrow.

We are Americans. We are Sikhs. We will #NeverForget.

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