by We Are Sikhs — April 26, 2017

We Are Sikhs Continues to Make National Headlines  

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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We Are Sikhs continues to gain momentum as news outlets across the country highlight our efforts. This morning, We Are Sikhs was featured on the front page of both The Washington Post (Metro) and The Detroit News.

The Washington Post article highlighted a recent effort by Sikh students in Montgomery County, Maryland to educate teachers about their faith. The story also highlighted the national initiative behind the We Are Sikhs campaign:

Alarmed by rising hate crimes targeting not only Sikhs but also other Indian Americans and other religious groups including Muslims and Jews, the Sikh community in America recently created a national TV ad in which people of all ages declare to the camera, "We are Sikhs. We are Americans."

The message that the children presented to the Montgomery County teachers was much the same as the ad that aired on CNN. And the teachers found it useful.

"Kids can take the leadership role, and they feel proud in talking about their own faith and about their own identity,” said Rajwant Singh, a dentist who is secretary of this gurdwara, the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation, and a co-founder of the national campaign.

You can read the full article in The Washington Post here.

Additionally, We Are Sikhs was featured locally in The Detroit News.

The project spreads the word via advertisements, a website, social channels and community events. Spots that started airing on CNN and elsewhere show male and female Sikhs of various ages describing their views and showcasing their patriotism.

“We want to make sure that every American understands who we are,” said Dr. Rajwant Singh, co-founder and senior adviser with the National Sikh Campaign

That means some people fail to recognize Sikh values centering around gender and racial equality, racial diversity and religious tolerance, said Gurwin Singh Ahuja, a co-founder and executive director of the National Sikh Campaign. “The truth is Sikh values are American values. Sikhs have spent their whole life fighting for free and open societies. It’s just really unfortunate that people of all stripes don’t know who we are, even though we have these values that are strongly aligned with our country." 

You can read the full article in The Detroit News here.

About We Are Sikhs

We Are Sikhs is a new initiative to improve the awareness of Sikhism and perceptions of Sikh Americans nationally and in local communities throughout the United States. This major marketing and public relations campaign will focus on increasing the Sikh American community’s presence in national and local news outlets, online platforms and within their neighborhoods. Launching in the spring of 2017, We Are Sikhs will utilize tested television advertisements, an innovative website, earned media efforts, targeted digital outreach and community events to affect change. To learn more about Sikh Americans and Sikhism, please visit

About the National Sikh Campaign

The National Sikh Campaign (NSC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the many contributions Sikh Americans are making in their communities every day. Whether it’s serving multiple tours overseas, leading Fortune 500 companies, managing family farms, serving as elected officials or promoting equality and serving the local community, Sikhs put into action the values that make America great.

NSC’s mission is to ensure that more Americans can immediately recognize and understand who Sikh Americans are, what their faith is all about and how it shapes their significant contributions to American life. To learn more, please visit





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